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Did Advertisers and Streamers Miss an Opportunity on the Big Game Day?

Updated: Feb 13

An unprecedented number of people are expected to watch Super Bowl LVII tonight. Brands are spending close to $7 million for a 30-second spot during the game, which is 7.7% up from 2022. Many big-name stars are cast in these highly-crafted ads, likely generating the publicity and social buzz the brands are hoping to generate. The missed opportunity, however, is not having a convenient way for viewers to engage and respond to the ads and video content during these big moments on TV.

Imagine that when you were viewing the 60-second Michelob Ultra commercial during the game, you could use your mobile phone to opt-in and have the featured products immediately identified on your device, where you could buy a case of Michelob Ultra for your party and a set of the debut female-edition of the Michelob Ultra x Devereux collab sported by Serena Williams–even after the commercial had finished. With the new Fade Android TV SDK beta for the 10FT Living Room experience, this is now possible on streaming TV, extending the product exposures of the brand's campaigns to all viewers' opt-in mobile devices in the room - creating purchase opportunities while the excitement runs high.

The Big Picture

While Super Bowl ads can give brands the big moment to reach a large set of audience on live TV, they require an enormous budget that the majority of brands don’t have or want to spend in one night. Also, with live TV, brands can’t precisely target audiences and get more granular performance and behavioral data as they can increasingly get on CTVs.

Ahead of the Big Game this weekend, Digiday+ Research surveyed 33 brands and 100 agency professionals. The results are similar - showing the preference for investing in connected TV over traditional TV.

Intensified Competition

With the number of FAST services going live, 2023 will be the largest streaming year yet, with the CTV ad spend reaching $27 billion. And as a recent TiVo survey (reported on Fierce Video) unveiled, consumers use, on average, nearly ten different streaming apps – a trend fueled by the adoption of AVOD and free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) content.

However, the imbalance between the fast-growing number of AVOD and FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV services) and the slowing ad spending this year intensifies the competition among streamers. Thus, streamers will compete for consumers’ attention and time spent on their platforms and for the slow-growing ad budgets on CTV. It’s a Catch-22, especially for newcomers in this highly competitive market.

While this could be an opportunity for brands to maximize their media investments on the largest screen in the room, it would require streaming platforms to make technological advancements to compete and offer new viewer engagement and conversion capabilities to deliver a higher return on ad spend in the upcoming years.

Your technology partner

More than ever, premium content and commerce are merging, enabling consumers to buy relevant products wherever they are entertained. Creating new direct selling opportunities in premium streaming channels is an inevitable trend. Furthermore, Gartner’s recent Predicts research anticipates that 70% of brands will redeploy at least 10% of their media budget to product placement in entertainment content, such as streaming, by 2024.

With Fade’s 2023 release of the platform and SDKs (beta) for the web and the 10FT living room experience, streamers can now offer viewers the opportunity to discover and purchase products and services featured in the video content. The SDK integration can be done in less than a day, allowing streamers to focus on building their streaming business. Fade’s scalable, cloud-based solution applies in two use cases:

  • Programming IP content

  • Video ads

Streamers can deploy flexible monetization models by connecting consumers with products and services featured in the video, supporting various advertiser’s performance campaigns and attribution, including:

  • Direct revenue,

  • Direct response campaigns: Book an appointment, reserve a version of an exclusive edition by paying 20% down, and more.

As a technology partner for streamers, Fade does the pre-integration on top of the streaming apps and media players, providing the streamer’s team with an easy path to deployment.

Sign up for the Fade Web and Android TV SDKs.

About Fade Technology

Fade Technology is the infrastructure for discovery and purchase on streaming TV. Fade helps to maximize programming and advertising investments with In-video Discover-and-Buy and 10 FT Living Room capabilities on SVOD, AVOD, FAST, and hybrid streaming services. The agnostic white-labeled technology lets viewers purchase products found in movies, series, and advertising videos everywhere viewers watch streaming TV. Fade’s Discover-and-Buy solution offers streamers and advertisers greater flexibility to increase revenue and viewer attention and remain competitive. Fade has validated its solution with users in POCs with WillowTV, Vice Media, Sky, Comcast Technology Solutions, and Comcast NBCUniversal. Fade is a minority women-owned business, Techstars, and Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs portfolio company. To learn more, visit

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