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The Future of Streaming TV.

Technology built to maintain engagement and retention long after the TV is off.


We’re Here to Revolutionize Engagement & Retention on 

Streaming TV.

TV should be simple and enjoyable, but there's a generational shift happening. According to Fast Company, Gen Z may be moving away from premium streaming TV, with 61% favoring UGC, music/podcasts, and gaming over TV.

That's where Fade Technology comes in. We offer a fast and easy solution for engaging viewers, allowing them to interact with thoughtful premium content, much like UGC. Designed for AVOD, SVOD, FAST and HYBRID streamers, Fade enables viewers to discover, share, save, try and buy directly from advertising and programming assets on your platform.

Our innovative technology is built to help you maintain engagement and retention long after the show ends—giving viewers a reason to return.


A Solution for Profitable TV Engagement.


The first and only cloud based solution for in-video TV and second screen infrastructure for immersive technologies that enable connection with the viewer across the digital supply chain.

Providing a convenient contextual experience for the Living Room Entertainment Hub helps streamers adapt to a new era of competing for advertising budgets in a changing generational landscape.

Contextual, personalized and viewer curated experiences.



Pre-processing layer optimized for ad insertions, and programming IP content.


Unique Data

Neutral data at engagement levels that tie media investments to customer journey's.

Test & Learn 

We provide creative tools for testing and optimization of A/B and Innovation testing for better outcomes. Talk with us about your testing needs.

When viewers are in the mood for eating, we enable them to discover a recipe, order from a show episode, a local advertiser's ad or a home screen sponsorship. A flexible solution for CPM and Non-CPM monetization enables streamers to develop a tool kit that works with any ad format.

Make interactive experiences work to augment your measurement across categories, channels, and cross-platform.



Marketing Coverage with OTT


Incremental Lift

Observes campaign-specific performance at individual and household levels with the Fade Universal Sync. Creates a digitally encrypted data string from the time the content is ingested—to the users' engagement. 


We extend the 

relationship with the audience, building engagement, loyalty, and privacy-first experiences.  

Fade offers the streaming industry's easiest and most efficient native solution for interactive experiences at individual and household levels. We meet your compliance layers for GDPR, COPPA, CCPA, and more using Zero-Party and First-Party data within secure environments.

Whether it's selling toys or subscriptions, the era of solely concentrating on streaming content is now of the past. TV has become intrinsically tied to product purchases, fan engagement, and immersive interactive experiences driven by the need to offset content and operational costs.


Contact us to learn how to get started.


A cloud-based white-label solution for streamers that enables ON platform engagement and retention over programming and advertising workflows. Provides managed services for deployment and agency partners.



A robust customizable

solution for advertisers and

brand execution partners.

Agencies & Content Partners

Advertisers & Measurement Partners

A testing and learning

environment for AB testing,

innovation, and experimentation

by brands and advertisers.


Our Partners


We have extensive partnerships spanning streamers, platforms, operating systems, technology providers, SSPs, measurement firms, agencies, producers, and more. We foster collaboration with both your existing partners and our extensive network. With backing from Comcast, we leverage a substantial network when required. Let's start a conversation.

 © 2023 Technology Solutions, Inc. Fade is a minority-owned, woman-owned, and operated business.

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