65% of streaming viewers say they've spent hours searching for an item on a second device after seeing a product or service in premium streaming content.


About us

Customer-first product management and marketing DNA, our mission is to shorten the search and buy cycle when viewers discover products in the content they love.


With leaders, relationships, grit, and determination from entertainment, commerce, and fintech worlds, Fade is building products for the revolution of entertainment.

Fade perspectives

Since forming Fade Technology on January 1, 2020, a lot has happened. We are an ambitious women-led, minority-owned, SaaS company that has moved an idea from the kitchen table to start-up in the middle of a global pandemic. Not to mention this country's most significant fight for civil rights and racial justice in over 70 years. Armed with decades of insights and best practices, we're leading with purpose on the areas that matter. People.  
As we enter the phase of testing and prototyping, we're conducting paid studies and asking all our participants if they would rather have us donate to a non-profit on their behalf. As women of color, we're committed to the actions that matter. We hope that you will join us. The organizations we will give to include: 

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