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Announcement: Fade Innovates Retail Media and Connected TV (CTV) Landscape

Updated: Feb 2

Today's news highlights the continuous growth of our business at Fade Technology, marking the second step in our vision to build the future of video + commerce that breeds innovation into the ecosystem. Shoppable CTV emerged in 2024 as the game-changer of video monetization, but it is viewer engagement and brand experience across advertising, sponsorship, and in-show video product placement that will catapult the industry forward to reach viewers wherever they are. Fade is pioneering a model that works with the way viewers watch and want to engage in real-time and in real life.

What makes Fade's approach noteworthy for CMOs and marketing leaders is our use of audience-centric technology and strategies for overlapping and fragmented behavior across streaming services. In the example above, we enable the blend of storytelling content, sponsorship, transaction, and our technology to inform the next impression for streaming platforms of every size. For content creators this means funded content and better collaborative revenue streams. Join us:

Expanding the Partner Pipeline

We are expanding our pipeline of partners to map the future of engagement and retention solutions. Through our neutral engagement data, Fade is redefining advertising strategies by integrating streaming TV, social media, and shopping behaviors for platforms. This effort is to grasp the complex interests of viewers, whether it's content, sensory advertising featuring sound effects like ice shaking, or if they're interested in BTS and shopping with Emily in Paris. We're building an agnostic entry into the value chain from content creators to agencies, data, and technology layers with partners like FreeWheel and Iris.TV and more to collaborate and help solve the unique challenges the entertainment and media industry faces.

Innovative Syncing Technology for Enhanced Viewer Engagement

Designed to address the changing taste of consumers' fragmented and overlapping viewing behaviors, Fade introduces "Sync Once™," an omni-compatible interface designed for seamless interaction between viewers and brands on CTV in playback and linear FAST environments. Our omni-compatible interface works with all streaming services, ensuring a user-friendly point-and-click experience across CTV engagement that sends products to a second screen where viewers can engage in VR, Generative AI, and personalized experiences. Our proprietary solution allows consumers to instantly connect products from their favorite streaming content effortlessly – a show, an ad, or a sponsored video – across streaming apps – to a unified cart to shop, learn, or have fun. This breakthrough agnostic technology enables users to interact directly with products, brands, and information, streamlining the journey from recall and product recognition to real-time intent.

Prioritizing Consumer Privacy

We recognize the importance of zero-party and first-party data and ensure that data collection is contingent upon consumer consent. This approach respects privacy and encourages viewer interaction based on genuine interest, creating sustained engagement beyond the 15, 30, or 60-second format. Fade is committed to transparency, child protection, and brand safety, ensuring a trustworthy environment for CTV and second-screen interactions.

The 10-Foot Experience: 

By extending engagement opportunities beyond typical ad durations, Fade aims to significantly enhance viewer attention, return on investment, brand value, and overall business outcomes, establishing a new benchmark for advertising and programming in the CTV domain and the living room.

We are beyond excited to shorten the discovery-and-buy cycle directly from your favorite movies, series, and ad content for viewers and brands. Congratulations to my colleagues who have been integral to scaling our business, and a big thank you to our partners castLabs, FreeWheel, and Iris.TV, Comcast Technology Solutions, NBCUniversal LIFT Labs, and others for their continued support of our ambitions.

Fade Technology is a minority-owned, women-owned business.

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