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Join the New Fade Technology Private Beta for Mux Developers.

Updated: May 3, 2022

(video credit: Cosmos Laundromat (CC) Blender Foundation |

Fade Technology is excited to invite you to help test a private beta that will make Mux videos shoppable in just a few lines of code. With this early access, you will be among the first to test-drive the Fade Discover & Buy experience on Mux from April 21 to May 30, 2022.

We built this functionality so you can enable it on your platform quickly and make shoppable video monetization available to your customers. While we're in private beta, we're working to roll out improvements and new features. Let us know your feedback along the way. If you like Fade, we will give you 30-days free.

So why make videos shoppable?

  • Amazon acknowledged that 93% of viewers used a second device to search for products they saw in video. Shifting consumer behaviors have created a deeper emotional connection between characters, products, and the video experience.

  • Shoppable video helps brands and advertisers boost viewers' engagement and conversion rates by 8 to 10 times - increasing the value of video units on your platform. With just one click, viewers are able to discover and buy products they see without leaving the video.

  • Fade's unique workflow quickly enables A/B testing strategies across new and time capsule videos driven by viewers' real-time preferences without re-editing.

  • Video bridges insights into your viewers' intent and conversion across content types in a new cookie-free world.

Our technology was built with Mux customers in mind with a shared vision of enabling any publisher to satisfy this unmet need across the short and long-form video at the player software level.

Learn more about the private beta program. We hope you'll enjoy the experience.


Fade Technology is collaborating with the ecosystem on the future of immersive entertainment. That includes building transformative shoppable experiences in video with next-gen technologies for every publisher—creating new revenue streams, better outcomes, and TCO at 10x lower cost than building and managing an eCommerce store on your platform. Fade is a women-led company that thinks about streaming video a lot. If your CRO and CMO are on your case about monetization, contact us to talk about your projects. For more information, please visit

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