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Fade Technology Solutions + castLabs Partnership

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Monetization Reimagined for Streaming Video —The New Point of Purchase.

We are excited to announce that we are working with castLabs, an award-winning secure video delivery solutions provider for OTT, PayTV, and passenger entertainment, to enable a new shoppable video solution for streaming services and brands. Deeply rooted in the video ecosystem, castLabs powers the most secure distribution of the premium movie, TV, and audio assets for many streaming services such as HBO Max, Crunchyroll, Crackle, and others. By integrating Fade Technology with castLabs PRESTOplay, our joint solution allows streaming services to offer brands and advertisers a new point of sale in premium video and ad units, accelerating viewer engagement, retention, and purchase conversion on streaming platforms.

With the growing streaming platform landscape, consumer viewing increased by almost 75% in 2020. And as platforms compete for viewer wallets, monetization has mainly remained the same. Monetization tools range from ad-supported models, subscription service bundling to same-day in-theater pay-per-view content. Combined with the cost of developing and acquiring content, platform distribution plays a vital role in preserving viewer retention.

In January 2020, Amazon acknowledged that 93% of viewers used a second device to search for products they saw in the video. The shifting consumer behaviors have created a deeper emotional connection between characters, products, and the video experience. Viewers use video as an inspiration for shopping. Our collaboration with castLabs has built on a shared vision in enabling streaming platforms to satisfy this real-time unmet need at the video player level across multiple streaming use cases on the web, mobile, TV, game consoles, and other entertainment devices.

"Reliable, secure, and profitable video delivery is what we help you achieve while providing the best viewing experience. What sets Fade's experience apart is the combination of shoppable commerce in a video in a single unified white-labeled solution on top of what PRESTOplay player already provides. The joint solution enables shopping to occur contextually without interrupting the video viewing experience." - Michael Stattmann, CEO castLabs.

Fade shoppable video is the new point of sale when viewers are immersed in the content. Movies, TV, editorial, sponsored, animation, AR/VR is the new normal. We're working together to deliver the following key value for the video ecosystem:

  • New revenue stream + CX

  • Future proof your monetization toolkit with a contextual shoppable solution

  • Rapid player development with unified behavior and features across all platforms

  • Maximizes the return on ad investment and product placement spend (ROAS) for brands

  • Minimizes platform's investment cost of building and ownership of e-commerce

Simplifying Shoppable Video Integration and Management

To simplify technology integration and reduce time to market for streaming services, Fade Technology works with castLabs to provide streaming services a snippet of script for video-hosting pages, which is a quick, one-time integration (less than a day). It enables a frictionless user experience from in-video product discovery to instant checkout natively on top of a castLabs' PRESTOplay-powered premium video. And Fade facilitates the relationships between the viewer and sellers on your behalf, removing the barrier of building and maintaining an e-commerce system on your own.

Giving Viewers Back In Control

Fade's shoppable video solution gives viewers control of the viewing experience without abruptly interrupting or redirecting them away from the video and your platform. It dynamically displays Fade's Highlighter icons on top of respective products seen in a running video. And we can quickly update Fade Highlighter placements and product offerings according to viewers' insights and preferences.

When a viewer chooses to interact with (hover or click) one or multiple products in a video via a Highlighter icon, the video will pause in the background, allowing the viewer to decide whether to purchase the product or add it to a cart. As soon as the viewer completes the action, the video resumes automatically.

Analytics: New Performance Insights

By adding Fade's shoppable video capabilities to premium streaming videos powered by castLabs' PRESTOplay solution, streaming service providers can gain new first-party pre- and post-purchasing behavioral data and insights into full-funnel performance metrics across devices. The insights can help brands and service providers make better strategic decisions on optimizing content, product placements, checkout experiences, and more.

Contact us if you are a streaming service, digital publisher, or brand interested in diversifying your video monetization strategy and creating a new revenue stream.

Learn more about the castLabs x Fade partnership.

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