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Our Platform.

Made for viewers.

Built for premium storytelling distribution at home or on the go.


Core Technology

A white-labeled cloud solution for native discovery and purchase over linear and playback video distribution to the living room or in-flight.


Synchronization of data points to deliver real-time discovery and buy capability across platforms, content, and unified checkout everywhere viewers watch streaming TV.


Manages tagging and metadata capture, universal checkout, cross-platform interoperability and end-point connections on behalf of operators and brands.

New Attribution

TV-to-mobile attribution closes the conversion, ROI, and ROAS measurement gap with a shorter path to purchase—long after the TV has been turned off.

Second Screen

Second-screen gives viewers instant access to products and purchases long after the TV is off with sync-to-mobile functionality.

Better Investment

Web and OTT integration in less than a day, regardless of a platform's technology.

New Revenue Sources
Augment fluctuating subscription and advertising revenue.


PCI DDS, GDPR, CCPA, and PII requirements across payments, privacy, and customer data protection.


Our systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime and are built for scale and redundancy.

Augment revenue.
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