Convergence of streaming video and commerce.

Here's why long & short-form video content platforms and brands should work with us:


Shoppable for premium video.

Activate shoppable across movies, series, animation, branded content, advertising, sports, and more and accelerate discover and buy cycles.

New revenue streams.

Enable brands to drive more sales with a seamless, digital shopping journey directly from their long and short-form video assets. Make your platform's display, product placement, pre-roll, mid-roll units placements more valuable.

Cookieless environments.

Double down on video assets with the uncertainty of cookies. Enable display and streaming video that provides insights into viewers' intent and interest across the buying cycle.

Enterprise-grade white-label solution for distibutors.

Fade works on your platform in short and long-form playback video, minimizing your investment in building and managing an e-commerce store. The player agnostic solution is a light integration lift for streamers, publishers, and player software ecosystems that eliminates the burden of ownership

Platform retention.

Give viewers a reason to stay in your viewing experience by enabling products and services to be purchased from streaming video. Monetize video assets, not viewer redirects away from your platform.


PCI DDS, GDPR, CCPA, and PII requirements across payments, privacy, and customer data protection.

Platform integration.

Within hours. A light lift for lean teams.


Our systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime and are built with a high degree of scalability and redundancy.

Player Agnostic.

A single unified white-labeled solution works with almost any streaming video player outside of social platforms. Integration in less than a day.

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New channel for brand conversion.

Diversify digital with a solution that just gets Generation X, Y, and Z. Our shoppable solution bridges the gap to reach viewers in the video streaming and publishing environment in a way that many brands haven't yet imagined.

Test creative and messaging approaches.

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