A Better OTT.

Making products found in ads, movies, and shows buyable on desktop, mobile, and TV.



Makes premium streaming video content—movies, shows, animation, brand advertising, sports, XR, shoppable on any publishing and streaming platform. 

The 10FT experience.

Viewers lean in with a contextual discover-and-buy solution made for the biggest screen in the home—the TV. Prompt by voice or visual cues.

Better investments.
Tie brand advertising and product placement to last attribution models across a new channel. Up to three products per scene can be purchased in as little as a 15-second spot. 


The first discover-and-buy experience is delivered through content and ad-serving workflows using API connectors for private marketplaces, insertion orders, and premium publisher direct placements for scalability and utility.

A flexible monetization solution lets you meet partner demand by delivering as-needed or around-the-clock discovery, purchase, and engagement for streaming video across ad products, and intellectual property (IP).


New multi-stream revenue sources for any video on your platform. 


Robust SDK and API endpoints are a light lift for lean teams.


PCI DDS, GDPR, CCPA, and PII requirements across payments, privacy, and customer data protection.


Our systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime and are built with a high degree of scalability and redundancy.

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