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Fade's monetization solution for video players, publishers, and streamers lets viewers instantly discover and buy products directly from the video viewing experience they're watching.

The future of shoppable is our contextual purchase experience that retains viewers on your platform while enabling brands to shorten the path to purchase for aggregate audiences—making video for advertising, product placement, branded partnerships, movies, series, and animation more valuable. Available for mobile, web, and tv.

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"What sets Fade's experience apart is the combination of shoppable commerce in a video in a single unified white-labeled solution on top of what PRESTOplay player already provides. The joint solution enables shopping to occur contextually without interrupting the video viewing experience."

-Michael Stattmann, CEO castLabs.



Amazon acknowledges that viewers use a second device to search for products they see in a video.

(January 2020)


Savvy millennials and Gen Zs, report using free ad-supported video services in Deloitte Digital Media Trends Fall Pulse Survey.


Player Software


Retail media advertising surges: US retail media ad spend will hit $31.49 billion in 2021, up 53.4% over 2020. By 2023, this figure will pass $50 billion mark, with the vast majority of retail media ad spend coming from ecommerce channels.

eMarketer (November 2021)

The top reason millennials and GenZ say they canceled an SVoD service was due to high cost followed by the fact they finished the show they signed up to watch.


Deloitte Digital Media Trends Fall Pulse Survey.



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